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I use several companies to print all of my great designs in order to offer you the maximum variety of products, and the best pricing. Most of my designs are available on a variety of printer’s websites. below is information about the different sites and examples of what you will find on those sites. if you click on a picture of a clown here you will be taken to a site with hundreds of clowns to choose from, please do not think that is the only designs available…the designs here are just samples of the great variety


They have a great variety of clothing especially for children. They offer the best selection of infant and toddler apparel including dresses, winter onesies, and baby hats.They also have great customization tools to personalize your purchase!Check out all the great categories available at Inktastic. Over 10,500 designs available through this printer!

If you find a design on another product & cannot find it here – let me know I will add it for you!
These images represent categories please click an image to see more in that collection:

Tons of scary, funny, or pretty witches & wizard designs.Little kid designs featuring baby items like bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, bassinets, babies, beds, toys and more.these cute little guys are my own hand drawn little animals or aliens - some looks like numbers too. all are colorful and shapes to help you children learn thiers shapes and colors and numbers by counting them!!Cute little animals like this crab will love to go home with you.  tons of fun and funny animals in a variety of cute colors.picturesof assorted stuffed toys perfect for little kids or adults who like to be little kids.animal silhouettes in a variety of great colors and shapes.if you just love clowns and know all the world's a circus you will love this great group of clown designs.the section is full of fun outsider art style drawings of everyday objects.If you love anime you will love these great anime inspired characters find one to fit your personality.Food designs for the foodie in you.  find just about any food in here from meats and chesee to fruits and breads.  Different styles or art and colors available.Live Green, Go Green, Gone Green.  If you want to help save the planet with a greener initive you need one of these great designs to help spread the word.dozens of nationalities present in this great kiss me i'm ___ shop!Thee Star of David is not the only jewish design offered in this great shop - but it is offered with a variety of great colors and styles check them all out today!Dozens of great croses are here ready to be customized with your favorite Bible passage.Pentacle, Pentagram or elemental star it is the star that represents everything we are as life.  Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit.The Hamsa, Hand of Fatima, Hand of Mary or Hand of Miriam is an ancient symbol of protection.The Buddha eyes or eyes of Buddha are a key element of the Buddhist imagery.Yin Yang - often miss spelled yin yang is a symbol of good and evil, light and dark, and shows how they are so intertwined they cannot be separated and are within everyone the key is to keep them balanced.Stamp out for a cause designs - what do you want to stamp out??Knock Out - let's help find a cure and knock it out today!ever ask yourself what if?  me too.  so i made a whole bunch of common ones I have heard - and some more obscure ones that maybe only I ever though What If???Whatever you want to grow up to be - you should show everyone thats what you want to be.  Or maybe you have grown up and still love your job - that's great show everyone!I love to travel.  These great designs are inspired by wonderful cities around the world.Peace Symbol designs in a variety of colors and styles for everyone.Designs in this section are inspired by Persian rugs and Middle Eastern fairy tales.I love y ou - in dozens of languages - what if your language of love?  Afrikaans - Ek het jou lief, Albanian - Te dua, Arabic - أحب, Armenian - Yes kez sirumen, Bambara - M'bi fe, Brazilian - Eu amo te, Bulgarian - Obicham te!, Burmese - Chit pa de, Croatian - Volim te, Danish - Jeg elsker dig, Dutch - Ik hou van je, Esparanto - Mi amas vin, Estonian - Ma armastan sind, Filipino - Innibig kita, Filipino - Mahal Kita, Finnish - Ma rakastan sua, French - Je t'aime!, German - ich liebe dich, Greek - Σ 'αγ^, Greek - S'agapo, Hawaii - Aloha wau ia 'oe, Hebrew - אני &, Hebrew אני , Hindi - Mai tumase pyar karata h, Hungarian - Szeretlek, Igbo A huru m gi n'anyo, Ilongo - ginahigugma ko ikaw, Indonesian - Saya cinta padamu, Irish - t'a gr'a agam dhuit, Irish Gaelic - Tá grá agam duit, Italian - Ti Amo, Japanese - Kimi o ai shiteru, Korean - Saranghamnida, Malay - Saya Cintamu, Maltese - Inhobbok, Norwegian - Jeg elsker deg, Papiamento - Mi ta stimabo, Persian - Doostet Daaram, Polish - Kocham ciebie, Portuguese - Eu amo-te, Romanian - Te iubesc, Serbian - Volim te, Spanish - Te Amo, Swedish - Jag älskar dig, Tongan - 'Ofa 'atuLesbian same sex marriage designs.  if you are having a wedding or civil union you need one of these great designs.Gay male homosexual wedding designs.  two groom deserve to be happy and celebrate thier day.if you love sports there are a ton of great sports designs in this shop!saint patricks day, Valentines, Arbor Day, Earth Day, Memorial/Veterans Day, Graduation, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Thanksgiving, Christmas, halloween, Mother's Day, Easter, dia de los muetros, Kwanzaa , Hanukkah, Hanukah, Chanukah, Chanukkah, Yule happy holidays!  designs for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, Saint Patrick's Day and several other holidays.  If you love to get dressed up for Dia de los Muertos than you should check these out!lots of different birds are available over 2 dozen different birds each on 5-50 different designs.  Albatross, Blue Jays, Canaries, Cardinal, Chicken, Crows, Doves, Ducks, Eagles, Egrets, Emus, Flamingos, Geese, Hummingbirds, Ostrich, Owls, Parrots, Peacocks, Pelicans, Penguins, Pigeons, Robins, Sparrows, Stork, Swans, Toucan, Turkey, Vultures, woodpeckersTons of great musical instrument designs as well as cute cartoons of marching bands and rockers playing various instruments or singing!If you like sports Inktastic has a great selections of them.  Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Bowling, Boxing, Football, Golf, Ice Skating, Martial Arts, Soccer, Swimming, Diving, Surfing, Snowboarding, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball.  designs for boys and girls who love to play sports or watch sports.  Add your last name and number to the backs of your shirts to make a custom jersey today!Aliens are out there somewhere.  if yu think extraterrestrials are coming to get you then you need this great design - or one of his awesome intergallactic friends!if you love dragons you will love these guys.  there are funny, silly, goofy ones, along with scary and Asian style dragons.

ZazzleOffers one of the widest variety of products. Including but not limited to; Mugs, Shirts, Jackets, Posters, Jewelry, phone cases, bags, office supplies, home decor, stickers.They also have easy customization tools to allow you to add your own name or photo to any of these great products.Over 11,000 designs available on this printer.I can add any of these designs to missing products in this printer or on the other printers. As newer items are added tot he printer I is difficult to go back and add them one so I normally add them on request only.


Offers Shirts and tote bags only. Their selection is limited because they only offer Organic or Sustainable products. Their goal is to save the world one T-shirt at a time.Over 5,000 designs available on this printer.

If you find a design on another product and cannot find it here – let me know I will add it for you!


Cafepress also has a wide variety of products, however they lack the customization tools offered by some of the other printers.Over 3,000 designs currently available.

If you find a design on another product and cannot find it here – let me know I will add it for you!

Society 6

I have just begun working with this printer – they have laptop skins and cases as well as phone cases and shirts.If you find a design on another product and cannot find it here – let me know I will add it for you!


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