My Zazzle Shops

clown town 9-11-01 Go Green
Say I Love You Edibility Occupation Station
Holiday Designs Stamp out designs for a cause from santas desk
Jewcy Designs Addicted To Doodle Speakers
B is for Birds Hello darkness Dragons Lair
Sports Designs just sports shop for all sports Kiki Kitty & Kiki Kat
Weather designs Wedding Designs
Graduation Station Assorted Geek Binderific
Music Designs Knock Out for a Cause Star of David
template love Peace Signs Triple Goddess
Gay Wedding Designs Gay Wedding Designs

If you want to know more about who I am as an artist or in my life outside the internet you can check out my about me link – or just follow my facebook page at the top! All of my shops are linked in the menu bar at the top, and I am always adding new products to my shops, and new shops to my selection. I also have begun to work with printers besides zazzle, and those will soon be linked and available also. I am beginning to list items for sale on etsy and I will be sharing links to those products also.

I will try to keep my blogs up to date both my personal blog and my product of the day blog, although i may not feature a product every day…some days I just need to take a day off!

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