Free online advertising

There are many ways to promote your site online…

  • some are more active some are more passive.
  • some are aimed at shoppers some are aimed at search engines.
  • some take a lot of time some take very little time.

determining which will be most effective for you is the hardest part!  personally i try a little of everything because, well, it just cannot hurt to try, it only costs time!

I will try here to give quick overviews of types of sites that can be used and what they are used for…then i will try to follow up later with more in-depth information on how to use some of them effectively and efficiently in other tutorials

  • blogs – these allow you to talk about your products and then link to them – or allow you to talk about something else you love a hobby or something – and then include links to your relevant products as advertisements in the blog
    • blogger - free easy to use, allows simple gadgets in the sidebar which will auto feed images or text & links from any RSS feed if your POD offers RSS feeds (most do)
    • wordpress - free a little more complicated to use, the wordpress hosted blogs are very limited in what widgets you can add to the sidebar and what customizing you can do
    • posterous - this blog is very simple and not so easy to use, however it does allow you to post to this blog and it will feed that post to other blogs and twitter accounts and such so your post appears in multiple places all at once
    • weebly - i have not used this as much but i have heard positive things about it
  • micro-blogs
    • twitter - allows you to make short posts with links – do not use links in all posts though or they may kill your account.  also you can use feeders to auto tweet rss feeds of your store
    • plurk - wants to be twitter not as strong a following but cannot hurt to try it!
  • page sites
    • squidoo - allows you to make a lens or page about a topic and link to y our products in there – you do best if your topic is NOT your store…if your store is about dogs – make a page about how to groom your dog then include links to your dog designs…or tip for a dog owner…something informative
    • zujava - they call their pages leaves and they are similar to squidoo in how they work
  • site submissions
    • pingler - this site will submit your link to a wide number of search engines with a limit of submissions 5 per day
    • google webmaster tools - allows you to submit your site one time to be indexed by google
  • social media
    • facebook - make a profile about you – and tell your friends what you do occasionally – make a page about your shopper and tell your followers about what you do daily – once a day is enough don’t spam them or they will leave you
    • myspace - older site not as popular mostly music now
    • linkedin - similar to facebook
    • google+ - similar to facebook
  • email lists
    • mailchimp - allows you to set up an email list but ONLY for people who sign up – do NOT add people without their permission this could land you in legal trouble!!!
  • image sharing sites
    • pinterest - allows you to “pin” an image to the site to share it with a linkback to the original
  • link trading
    • (this is done by contacting other people with websites and trading links)


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