Blogging Efficiently

In order to blog efficiently you have to decide first what you want the blog to be about, and how you want to go about blogging.

Creating a blog that is just a list of links does not work very well, since it does not draw traffic.  It does occasionally get a hit on the search engines, but it really is not super effectively to get you sales.

Once you have decided on the theme for your blog you need to select which blog site you will host your blog on.  The two largest free sites are wordpress, and blogger.

The easiest way to choose is to determine your comfort with the internet & html coding.  If you do not know how to read or write code, go with blogger.  It is 100% WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) – everything is done with easy to navigate buttons.  WordPress requires some coding to get things adjusted the way you want.

Both allow you to submit zazzle products directly from the product page with the share button, both allow you to submit from any webpage using the addthis plugin for your web browser.  They also both offer rss feeds you can have sent to other sites such as twitter and facebook.

Both are well indexed by search engines, but only if you type a lot of unique and interesting text.  You do not want to simply copy from other pages, this will create duplicate pages and will not be well indexed by the search engines, you do not want the same posts on multiple blogs either as it will do the same thing.

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