Blogger Bookmarklet

The blogger bookmarklet is a great way to use blogger effectively and efficiently. It works in Firefox i have not tested it in other browsers.

to use it you must first get the bookmark.  to do so

RIGHT CLICK the blue link below then choose bookmark this link & add it to the bookmarks toolbar

 Bookmark this link

if you do not see the bookmarks toolbar click

View>toolbars & check bookmarks toolbar

if your firefox only has an orange button at the upper left in the top margin to the right of your tab right click and check view menu bar

To use the bookmarklet, go to the product you want to blog.  highlight any text on the page that you want to appear on your blog if you want text from the page such as description or product description.  click the bookmarklet you just made on the bookmarklet bar.

it will pop up a new window or new tab with blogger including a link to the page you are on and the text you copied.

if you are in zazzle switch back to zazzle and click link and take the middle code and copy it, switch tot he blogger window and paste the code in

if in ink or skreened you will need to right click for image location then click the blogger image button and choose from url and put the url in.  the image can be linked by highlighting it and clicking the link blogger button and pasting in the URL.

you can add any other text you want, then click publish to publish now, or save as draft if you want to make a bunch of posts then go into blogger later and redate them.

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