A list of common terms used by those in the POD world




A file that you can export into excel to see a spread sheet of data


Your web browsers temporary memory – sometimes gets stuck and needs to be refreshed or cleared


Purchased art normally cartoon style.  May or may not be legal to use on PODs.


A code saved into your computer that tells the computer about something you can done before and saves that info.  Usually in PODs is used when talking about a referral code as it is used to store your rf in someones computer for a set period of time


Short for cafepress –   (a POD)


This refers to dots per inch – if you are making your designs in inches x inches you need to monitor your dots per inch.  The average webpage displays at 72 dots per inch – but when printed PODs print at a much higher resolution.

Image template

An image of a specific shape and size to fit an oddly shaped product.  Required by some PODs to fit specific products.


Short for inktastic –   (a POD)


A page on squidoo.com – a site that allows you to make an informational page about a person or subject with links to saleable products.


Marketplace – the searchable database of all designs on a specific POD – this will return results from ALL stores on that POD not display only the designs in your store.


When you tell a search engine to send it’s spiders to your site.  Often refers to pingler.com


Print On Demand – a company which will print a design when ordered and allows you to place designs into their catalog (usually in the form of a website).  this allows them to offer thousands or millions of designs from a variety of artists because the products do not exist until paid for my a customer.


Paypal – a site which many PODs offer payment through


Adobe Photoshop


Corel Paint Shop Pro

Public domain

An image that has been freed of all copyrights and may be used by anyone.***you must double and triple verify this as there are many images listed as public domain which are not***


Your referral code on PODs that offer a referral program

Royalty free

The image may be used without payment to the original owner. ***this does not mean you may use it on a POD, because it only denotes you may USE it – it does NOT give you permission to SELL it.***


Shopkeeper – someone with a shop or shops at a POD.


When a search engines reads over pages and follows links from those pages to read more pages is called spidering or crawling.


A set of products in a special section that when reused in that POD the image can be replaced by a new image to create a new section.


A type of art that allows you to size it up or down with an appropriate program without losing any quality.


Volume Bonus – several PODs offer this type of a bonus. the thresholds for payment vary, basically it mean that if you earn over X amount of money for the POD they will give you a % of their profits in addition to your commission/royalty. When you make a sale the base amount is the amount the POD makes. Your bonus would be based on that amount.


Short for zazzle –   (a POD)

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