What is Skreened?

Getting going selling designs online can really make you wonder which site is best for you
What is Skreened?
Skreened is a Eco-conscious print on demand printer. What that means is they have printers and a large stock of blank environmentally friendly products and they do not print the item until someone orders it.  This site only offers organic/sustainable products.
Do I have to make the product or just the design?
You make the design, skreened will take the order from the customer, confirm the payment, print and then ship the product.
How do I get paid?
When you place a product for sale, you choose a commission $ you wish to make. Once the item sells you will see a sale in your ledger.  You must request your payment from this site, if your balance is over $5 you can request a payment by paypal, if you want a check you must have $50 and will be charged a $2 fee for the check printing/mailing.
How long does it take to make a sale?
I can take anything from 1 hour to forever. there is no magic number but here are some guides; it can take 6-8 weeks before search engines find you, the more links to your store the better so do not wait for customers to find you start a blog twitter send emails to friends and help them find you, keep making more designs do not give up search engines love sites that change and the more good quality designs you have the better chance you have of selling them.
Can you have multiple shops? How?
Yes you set them up as stores on the left side bar once signed into skreened.
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