What is Zazzle?

Getting started with zazzle can seem daunting. There are so many questions I have seen asked on the forums by new shopkeepers, I will try to outline some of the most common here.
What is zazzle?
Zazzle is a print on demand printer. What that means is they have printers and a large stock of blank products and they do not print the item until someone orders it.
Do I have to make the product or just the design?
You make the design, zazzle will take the order from the customer, confirm the payment, print and then ship the product.
How do I get paid?
When you place a product for sale, you choose a commission % you wish to make. Once the item sells you will see a sale in your earnings>earnings history report. This commission money will be pending for 30 days, because the customer may return the item. after 30 days the money will become cleared. Once cleared you may spend it on zazzle merchandise, or allow it to accrue until you have enough to receive a payment. You may get paid via a paper check or paypal. All money is processed as of the 1st of the month to determine if you met the threshold for that months payment, and payments are made by the 15th of the month.
What are referred sales?
Anyone with a web site, blog, profile twitter or other source outside of zazzle may link to any product on zazzle, and receive a payment for making that referral. you cannot refer from one zazzle store to another, referrals are only paid for bringing new shoppers to zazzle from a non-zazzle site. The referrer will get a % of the shopkeepers commission as well as the base amount towards their volume bonus.
What is the volume bonus?
Every non-referred sale you make (or sale you refer) will be applied to your volume bonus. The volume bonus is a bonus based on the amount of money in base sales that is made by zazzle from your sales. Each product has a base price, that is what zazzle makes, then you add your commission to that. each time you make a non referred sale from your shop, or you refer a sale to zazzle, the base amount is placed in the left hand column on your volume bonus page. once you have made a certain amount in base monies zazzle will begin to give you a % of their base price as a bonus. each country/currency accrues a volume bonus separately and at a different rate.
How long does it take to make a sale?
I can take anything from 1 hour to forever. there is no magic number but here are some guides; it can take 6-8 weeks before search engines find you, the more links to your store the better so do not wait for customers to find you start a blog twitter send emails to friends and help them find you, keep making more designs do not give up search engines love sites that change and the more good quality designs you have the better chance you have of selling them.
What is the zazzle proseller program?
The zazzle proseller program is a program for shopkeepers who make a certain amount of money over a consecutive period. there are several levels of prosellers, each of which is for making higher levels of sales. That is how much you take home from commissions & your volume bonus payout, not the amount of zazzle base sales. you can read about the benefits here & the qualifications here.
Can you have multiple shops? How?
Yes, go to the stores tab and add more shops to your account.
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