Templates for Quick Create

Adding designs to your new zazzle shop:

Before using quick create to add one image to all the product I recommend you first make a template section.

****you can use zazzle premade QC templates, however you MUST resize a large percentage of products once you are in QC and it is easier if they resize correctly for you based on your own specifications. In addition the zazzle QC templates are missing several items such as posters, stamps, binders, skateboards and so forth, which you CAN add. only shoes cannot be made in QC when you make your own templates. Additionally zazzle template includes items such as letter head which your design may not fit on or may not be appropriate for.****

You may need more then 1 template in order to accommodate your different designs. This is the section where you will adjust the size of the images on each product so when you add new designs it will automatically apply those image constraints to the new image (if you are coming from CP this is the section you would copy or import from)

If you have photography you will need one horizontal and one vertical. So the items such as postcard and stamps will displaying in the correct dimensions

if you have some images in PNG and others in JPG you will need separate templates for these also, since T-shirts you can choose to show or not show the whites as part of the image.

To make a template follow these simple steps. it takes about 1-2 hours to make a template section once you get the hang of it, then you must allow up to 24 hours for the template to be ready, if you want to include stamps it may take up to 24 hours for them to be approved and once approved they should be available in your template within 24 hours after the approval.

To make your template section Please read the direction or check out the video:

**please be advised some of these screen shots may be slightly different, but the information is all still the same it just has been moved around on the page**

1 To begin click the Create button in the upper left corner
2 Choose a product to start with, I will use a sticker for this example
3 Continue to make the product
4 Choose your image or text to add
5 it will take you to a page where you can preview the item
6 adjust the size and location as needed. You may prefer to switch to the design view (#2 on the image)
7 click advanced options*** ***this has moved it is now under the settings button – it looks like 2 little gears!!!! new images coming soon!!***
8 click make this item a template
9 Make sure the bottom line url parameter says “image1″then click post to store**if you want the same image on both sides of a coffee mug add them both, size them and make the URL parameter say image1 on both. after you type image1 click elsewhere on the box and make sure it does not revert, as occasionally it may revert, if so repeat until it sticks.
10 on the next screen fill in each of the * areas as they require. You cannot skip this step.
11 set the item to hidden (this step is optional if you want to keep your templates hidden, i hide them and place them in a section called “coming soon” then i will place 1-2 visible products in that section
12 click post to store
13 Click create at the top and return to the beginning until you have added one of each product, if you wish to display multiple versions of one product such as tshirts or mugs continue to step 14  
14 once you have returned to the product page and completed steps 1-8 – if you wish to display a different version of the product such as a mug or shirt click to the options tab has highlighted
20 select the style you wish to display then return to step 9.**Do NOT display every style of the product available this will clutter both your store and the marketplace in addition zazzle only allow 100 items per template in QC, and there are more them 100 products when all styles are included, as small sampling is all that is necessary.

I have tried to use simple wording and clear images so that anyone can understand, even if their english is not the best. if you have questions about a step please email me and i will be glad to assist you.


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