Titles, Descriptions & Tags

When writing good descriptions and tags it is important to remember that search engines cannot see images, you have to paint the picture with your words for them to be able to find you. I usually recommend that you describe the design how you would describe the image over the phone to a friend, or how you would describe it to an elderly grandparent who has lost their vision. Here are examples of good & bad title, description and tags for a sample design/image:


  • Title    Love
  • Description   Rose I love you Mom
  • Tags/Keywords   Rose, flower, mom, “i love you”


  • Title    I Love You Mom with Roses
  • Description   This beautiful I love you mom designs will make any mom feel special and loved. The words I love you mom are written in white script with peach highlighting to match the rose and make the word pop from the greenery in the background. The central photograph features a live peach, coral and orange colored rose with beautiful green leaves. A few more peach buds can be seen hidden in the leaves of this gorgeous rose bush nestled in a wonderful European rose garden. I took this photograph myself in a German rose garden in 2005. Copyright Amy Marie 2005.
  • Tags/Keywords   “i love you”, mom, mother, mommy, mum, mama, flower, rose, petals, orange, salmon, peach, green, greenery, photo, photograph, photography, bloom, blooming, “rose bush”, “mothers day”, “i love you mom”, colour, colorful, colourful, color, pretty, beautiful


Remember when writing your sentences to try to use different adjectives in each sentence, then include those you could not use in the tags/keywords. Also if you have phrases they must be in “quotes like this” or with plus+signs+like+this zazzle will otherwise add commas between each word. Also remember to use alternate spellings if you are familiar with them.

**Zazzle will add the product type to the end of the title as well as to the tags/keywords area of each product. They will also vary the wording used such as “skate board” or “skate deck” this is for optimum SEO as SEO loves to see different words and descriptions – and this way the products will be picked up no matter which way the shopper types it.

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