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Coming from CP to zazzle:

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Check out some of the great tutors I have made & collected from other zazzle shopkeepers & zazzle themselves.

Common questions asked by beginners on the zazzle forums, more questions will be added as needed with their answers.

What kinds of designs are allowed on zazzle & how to make your designs the proper size to fit on products.

How to write good SEO rich names descriptions and tags for your products so that search engines and the zazzle marketplace will find you

How to make a good an effective template section for use in quick create. This will save you time and prevent clutter and ill fitting products in the marketplace and your store

How to use Quick Creative efficiently and effectively to populate your store with your designs.

How to create a table to place image or text links to other stores or include links to sections in other stores in your section descriptions.

Read a list created by a shopkeeper with the input from other shopkeepers outline the most common mistakes new shopkeepers make

Links to additional web sites, tutorial videos and typed tutorials from other shopkeepers & Zazzle University
Links and advice on ways to get free advertising for your zazzle store - The advice is 100% free as are most of the actual promotional ideas (with the exception of buying business cards to hand out)
How to manage multiple blogs & twitter accounts to crete links and drive traffic to your shops
how to add the list of products to your sidebar, so you can organize by design but the shopper can choose to shop by product instead.
Cafepress to Zazzle Tutors

Yes and no answers as well as additional information for deciding between these two major POD, from a shopkeeper who has worked with both.

Understanding the terms used at zazzle if you were previously a cafepress shopkeeper.