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Quick Create How To:

After making a template section, and allowing time for it to set up as directed you can use quick create to add 1 image to all the product in your template section, following these easy steps!

You can read the directions below - or watch the new video!!



1 go to the products tab
2 click add new category
3 fill in to create to the parent product line/section for your images (such as music to fill with all your music designs)
4 on the left sidebar click quick create
5 A window will pop up and give you the option to use a pre made template or use your own, you want to use your own, so click select
6 Another window will pop up, choose the template section you created. if you made multiple templates in your template section first click template then the others will populate in the center field and choose the correct one. then click done (orange button).
7 You will now return to the previous pop-up and see the image you placed on your template section. Click the image.

You will now get a window where you can change to your new image by one of 3 methods:

A - change from zazzle to your computer to upload a new image

B - select an image set to see the images uploaded in that set from your bulk uploaded images

C - select an image loaded previously to zazzle but not placed in an image set

9 Click the image you want then click add image (orange button) and you will be returned to the previous window and see your new image. Click Create products to continue (orange button)

You will now go to the next screen which may take a moment or 2 to populated depending on your computer/internet speed.

Quickly scan down to make sure all images fit correctly if they do not you can:

A - click edit options and fix that image

B - click select in the box under that image and then delete selected (in the case of items like buttons and stickers where no amount of resizing makes them look right)

* If you make your own template sections(s) you should have a lot less editing to do on this page

Then click Next (orange button)


You will now be on a screen similar to the one you filled out when you created your template.


Your title will auto fill as the name of the image, you can change that, your description and tags, and choose your public category.

12 Then for contributor line click new
13 Another window will pop up with your image name as the title, adjust as needed and complete your section description then click Select at the top where it says add product line under.

You can then choose which product line you wish to place this one inside. Once Chosen click Done (orange button)

If you have already completed all fields you can then click create product line (orange button)

15 You are now ready to click Post It! (orange button)

That section will appear live normally within an hour but it may take up to 24 hours. If you have stamps/shoes in that section, the rest of the section will appear and stamps & shoes will appear once they are approved.

You are now ready to Do it Again!! (so click the orange button to return to screen 5 and create another section!)

*** remember each new primary product line you want you need to make before you start quick create you can only make the image section/image product line itself in quick create